Samples from Videos

This is the full version of the "Magical Appear" tutorial video as it appears on the DVD. This is the first effect taught on the DVD and it is also one of the very first special effects in the history of cinema.

This one minute sample of the "Flying" lesson gives kids an easier way to accomplish a great super-hero effect, without the need of a giant studio green screen.

Super Cool Special Effects for Kids doesn't just teach computer based effects - it also introduces young filmmakers to the wonderful world of hands on practical effects. This one minute sample of the "Mad Scientist" lessons shows some of the fun in store.

In addition to almost an hour of special effects instruction, Super Cool Special Effects for Kids also includes 7 bonus videos of short films for kids that showcase many of the effects taught on the DVD. This one minute sample from "Loli-07: Super Spy" includes the "Super Speed" effect and the transporter variation of the "Magical Appear" effect. Watch the full movie on the DVD to see "Split Screen" effect in action and few more surprises.